Some Very Common Misconceptions About the UK’s Best Places To Buy-To-Let

Buy-to-let in UK has been through poor press over the past few years as many people have been believing that it has contributed to rampant house price inflation. By August 2007, some figures and commentators even stated that buy-to-let is “undoubtedly contributing to the overvaluation of housing”. But some very misconceptions about the best places to buy-to-let , UK real estate market is still very attractive.

Why invest in buy-to-let in UK?

UK is and will remain London, with its language, its economic and cultural dynamism, its universities, airports. The United Kingdom is a space that attracts those who succeed, those who want to succeed and those who succeed. Because it provides a fairly stable political and security environment. The legal and fiscal context favours even privileges the owners. In addition, its many cultural and tourist attractions make it a very pleasant state to live. Finally, the real estate market, although stable for 2 years, has taken on average 10% of value over the past 20 years. This is because the housing stock is dramatically below needs. Not to mention the very favourable exchange rate if you have funds in euros or dollars. In any case, there are many reasons to buy a residential buy-to-let in the UK.

How to invest in an apartment Buy-to-let in UK?

The buy-to-let allows you to access the loan and repay you partially or fully thanks to the rents you receive. You will enjoy a very dynamic real estate market and a high capital gain on resale, this is called the “capital gain” (10% per year on average from 2000 to 2015). In the United Kingdom, Buy-to-let is governed by specific legal provisions.

What are the best places to buy a Residential Buy-to-let in UK?

Though there are many common misconceptions about the best places to buy Buy-to-let in the UK it is obvious that the magic of the United Kingdom remains unique. This is probably due to its ancestral charisma, its modern dynamism and its pace that make it one of the most attractive places in the real estate market.


Located east of Marylebone, north of Oxford Circus and south of St Pancras, Bloomsbury is a neighbourhood renowned for its institutions such as the British Museum, the University College of London, the Royal Academy Arts and its many medical centres. Offering a comfortable living and an ideal location for people working in the City, this chic neighbourhood attracts more and more workers.

Brook Green

This district is an enclave of greenery in the middle of London. Its park, which extends like a stream as its name suggests, is the neuralgic centre of the district where children enjoy meeting in the “playground” and adults play tennis in an enchanting setting. It has excellent transport links to central London and its proximity to Notting Hill and Kensington, and its incredible shopping centre “Westfield London” makes it an ideal living environment.

Notting hill and Shoreditch

The vibrant neighbourhoods of Notting Hill and Shoreditch are still very popular as many real estate buyers want an exotic atmosphere. Here the houses are colourful, the buildings offer beautiful gardens, the small shops as well as the street-art of Shoreditch, and the trendy restaurants, make it a very valuable real estate choice.